Our Services


 Once goals are established, together, we will customize an appropriate strategy to accomplish your objectives using one or more of the following services (listed below) and/or products, which are listed on the following page:

Retirement Planning

v IRAs

vAccumulation Phase (growing funds for use in retirement)

v Distribution Phase (income during retirement years) 

v Rollovers of 401(k) and other employer sponsored plans 

v Small business retirement plans

    Investment Planning 

v Brokerage accounts (both commissioned and fee based)

v Review of competition's brokerage statements

v Review of 401(k), etc (employer sponsored retirement accounts)


  Risk Management 

v Long-Term Care Planning

v Life Insurance

                                               vComplimentary Policy Reviews

                                               vBeneficiary Designation Reviews

College Expense Planning

v 529 College Funds

v Coverdale IRAs

Estate Planning

v Provide consultation to help you understand what estate planning applications might apply to your specific situation.

v Trusts

v Wills

v Living Wills

v Tax Protection

v Business Succession

v Estate Valuation Planning

v Lifetime Transfer Planning

v Life Insurance Based Planning

v Guardianship & Special Needs Arrangements